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Dear Austin Actors & Students,

After 3 wonderful years in Austin, TX, The Actors Arena has decided to close our doors.  We have seen over 350+ students during this time come through our threshold and learn how “not to act”, and we can’t imagine a day without a one of you.  You’ve forever etched your way into our hearts.

Our founder, Terry Kiser, has moved back to his ranch in Colorado, a longing to go back home, to work on other projects, to assist a friend and to experience some other things that life has to offer.  He leaves a legacy here in Austin that is treasured and loved among staff and those that are passing the craft along.

Our page will stay up with student updates and community events, and we hope you’ll check back often for those.

Again, thank you for your time, your dedication to the craft, your hearts and hard work, and most importantly, the love, friendship and wonderful bonds of family that have been created.  Those places in the heart will never leave.

With love,

The Actors Arena

Email us directly at info@theactorsarena.com

Our Operations Manager, Kenny will be moving on to start his own coaching school at www.TheArenaConservatory.com.  Please check out his site if you are interested in continuing lessons there and seeing what is offered with he & Leanne.

The YouTube Channel will be kept alive to maintain the legacy of our student’s work at least for the time being.  Feel free to watch!


10 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Kenny: Hope you get this! I tried to contact Terry, but realize that he is very busy. No need for him to get back to me. But: I would like to know more about you and your theater and what Terry’s connection is to it? I have close friends in Dallas and visit Texas on my way to Santa Fe and California.
    Do you look for financial support , or is your theater self sufficient? I would love to know whether you are a theater or school…or both?
    Terry will always be special to me. But it was many years ago since we were in touch. Please let me know more about your theater and I will hit the web site myself to get some info. You can tweet me as well!!
    Best Always
    June Gable

  2. https://www.facebook.com/watchretrotv/posts/973532992675352
    Good news for Terry Kiser fans starting December 22 Retro TV will be airing The Doctors in Primetime at 9PM from the beginning of their run in the December 4 1967 episode (the Rice Bellini FIGHT) The 12 Noon episodes will continue on (May 1968 as of now).
    One question for Terry IMDB has him on from 1967-69 Does our Little Boy Doctor come back after he left in early 1968 or is IMDB. The fans on the soap boards hope he did come back, we miss John Rice

  3. A 46 year old soap Opera being repeated on TV has made a new fan, funny how it goes. John Rice Little boy Doctor. Can’t wait to see the projects he’s working on now

    • Johnny Dynamo is going to be up soon – we are all very excited! I’ve been lucky enough to see small snippets and it’s good good stuff. I’m extremely thrilled about “The Body Sculptor”; not only is the story exciting but it’s a great departure for Terry and yet another challenge for him. There’s a nice “stir” in the air for everyone about it. Stay tuned!

  4. I was an extra on American Crime and spoke to you about my kids training and my training. Also wanted to ask you if you are coninuing being an extra on American crime and with what casting company since olc was discontinued.


    • Hi Bryan-
      Sorry for the long delay in getting to you on this – Terry is currently out on the set filming a feature and we’re getting the school ready for the next session. I’ll forward your question on to him, but am not sure when he’ll get a chance to get back to you. I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as he gets a chance! Thanks – Kenny

    • We’ll have Terry’s appearances, if any, listed on the site when they’re added. Currently he is booked up filming several projects. Best bets are going to be at Comic Con appearances.

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